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The Ratio Calculator simplifies ratios, finds missing values in proportions, and compares two given ratios to determine if they are equal:

  1. Simplify ratios when one of the ratio sides is empty

  2. Find missing value in ratio comparisons

  3. Compare ratios to answer the question of whether they are equal

What is a Ratio?

In mathematics, a ratio is a term used to describe the comparative sizes of two or more entities. Ratios can take various forms for representation, including symbols like ":" and "/." You can also express it as a decimal and a percentage. For instance, in a classroom where there are 3 boys and 1 girl, you can express their ratio in multiple ways:

Ratio Expression


As a numerical ratio

1:3 (meaning there are 3 boys for every 1 girl).

In fraction form

1/4, signifying 1 out of 4 individuals is a girl and 3 out of 4 are boys.

As a decimal

0.25, which indicates that 0.25 of the class consists of girls, leaving 0.75 as boys.

As a percentage

25%, suggesting that 25% of the class are girls while the remaining 75% are boys.

As a numerical ratio

1:3 (meaning there are 3 boys for every 1 girl).

How To Use MathMaster Ratio Converter Calculator

MathMaster is a trusted online resource for various mathematical calculators, including the ratio calculator and ratio converter calculator. To use MathMaster’s ratio calc, you must enter at least three values to calculate the fourth. For example, you can enter A, B, and C or D, or C, D and A or B. Here are a few more steps to use the ratio calc: 

  1. Simplify Ratio – On the ratio calculator, Enter A and B to find C and D. The calculator simplifies the ration A: B or finds and equivalent by multiplying by 2 to create values for C and D.

  2. Solve Missing Value: Using the ratio solver, enter B, C and then D to find A. The calculator provides the steps for solve for A = C * (B/D)

  3. Evaluate Equivalent Ratio: Use the ratio solver to compare values A/B and C?D to determine if they are equal. 


  1. Can a ratio contain more than 2 numbers?

Yes, a ratio can contain more than two numbers. Ratios express relationships between quantities, and they can involve any number of values. 

  1. How do I calculate a ratio by percentage?

To calculate a ratio as a percentage, calculate the percentage each part contributes to the total by dividing the part by the total and multiplying by 100.

  1. How do I check if two ratios are equal using the ratio solver calculator?

To check if two ratios are equal using our ratio solver, enter the two ratios, and the ratio calc will determine if they are equal or not.