Aziza has a triangle with two sides measuring 11 in. And 15 in. She claims that the third side can be any length as long as it is greater than 4 in. Which statement about Aziza's claim is correct?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Aziza’s claim is incomplete. The third side must be between 4 in. and 26 in.Step-by-step explanation:With the Triangle Inequality Theorem, saying that the sum of lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side. With this we can develop two inequalities:11 + 15 > x 26 > x rewrite this as x < 26 11 + x > 15x > 15 - 11   Subtract 11 from both sidesx > 4 Therefore, the third side can be anywhere greater than 4 inches and less than and less than 26 inches. 4 <  x < 26