For Cynthia's third lab report, she calculated the mass of an object as it slid down an inclined plane. She got the following three masses.1.20 kg0.91 kg1.08 kgThe true mass of the object is 1 kg.Cynthia's percent error was [blank]−−−−−−%.Enter your answer as the number that correctly fills in the blank, rounded to two decimal places, like this: 42.53

Accepted Solution

Answer:Percent error: 6.00%Step-by-step explanation:We find the mean of the three massesMean = 1.20 + 0.91 + 1.08 / 3Mean = 1.06 kgThe experimental value of mass is = 1.06 kgThe actual value of mass = 1 kgThe percent error is: (experimental value - actual value/actual value)*100Percent error : (1.06 - 1 / 1)*100Percent error: 6.00%