Jacob is saving to buy an MP3 player that costs $195. He earns $225 a week at a part-time job. His expenses are $180 a week. If he currently has saved $55, how many more weeks will it be before he can buy the MP3 player? (SHOW WORK)

Accepted Solution

Answer: approximately 3 ....to be exact 3.1 weeksStep-by-step explanation:he earns 225 a week we know that right? and he has to take out 180 to pay for things... so right there you have 225-180=45 so that's 45 dollars a week he has. the MP4 player is 195 and he already has 55 dollars saved so 195-55= 140 so he still needs 140 dollars to buy it the question now is how many weeks will it take for him to save up to 140 dollars? you simply take 140Γ·45 (bc that's what he gets each week) and it should = 3.1