Janice is 4 in shorter than david and david is 2 in shorter than evan if evan is 13 inches talle than kathleen and kathleen is 6 in shoter than krysta. By how many inches is janice taller than krysta

Accepted Solution

Answer:3Step-by-step explanation:Start with Krysta and work backwards, taking the wording literally.Krysta's height: xSo that means that if Kathleen is 6 in shorter, then:Kathleen's height: x - 6If Evan is 13 inches taller than Kathleen, then:Evan's height: x - 6 + 13If David is 2 inches shorter than Evan, then:David's height: x - 6 + 13 - 2If Janice is 4 inches shorter than David, then:Janice's height: x - 6 + 13 - 2 - 4Let's simplify all those now:Krysta: xKathleen: x - 6Evan: x + 7David: x + 5Janice: x + 3If Krysta is x, and Janice is x + 3, that means that Janice is 3 inches taller than Krysta.