The ratio of men to women working for a company is 8 to 5. If there are 312 employeestotal, how many women work for the company?women​

Accepted Solution

120 women work for the companyStep-by-step explanation:When the ratios are given, we find the sum of ratios first. To find the quantity against a ratio, that quantity's ratio is divided by sum of ratios and then multiplied by the total numberGivenThe ratio of men to women8:5Sum of ratios  = 8+5 = 13Total employees = 312So,[tex]Number\ of\ women\ that\ work\ for\ the\ company= \frac{Ratio\ of\ Women}{Sum\ of\ ratios} * Total\ Number\ of\ Employees\\\\=\frac{5}{13}*312\\=5*24\\=120[/tex]120 women work for the companyKeywords: Proportion, RatioLearn more about ratios at:brainly.com/question/228852brainly.com/question/2303819#LearnwithBrainly