The scale on the map is stated as 1 : 200000. A main road connects two towns which are 28 kilometres apart. How far will it be on the map, in centimetres, between the two towns along the main road

Accepted Solution

Answer:The distance on the map between the two towns=14 cmStep-by-step explanation:Step 1Express the scale as;1:200,000 this means that 1 cm on the map represents 200,000 cm on the road, 1 cm:200,000 cmStep 2Convert 28 kilometers to m1 meter=1,000 kilometers28 kilometers=28×1,000=28,000 metersConvert 28,000 meters to centimeters1 meter=100 centimeters28,000 meters=28,000×100=2,800,000 centimetersStep 3Using the scale factor of 1:200,000 convert 2,800,000 cm on the road can be converted to map measurements as follows;Distance on the map=scale factor×distance on the roadwhere;scale factor=1/200,000distance on the road=2,800,000 cmreplacing;Distance on the map=(1/200,000)×2,800,000Distance on the map=14 cm The distance on the map between the two towns=14 cm